• Wanna Wattle? Why Not Western?

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    WESTERN FIBER COMPANY is dedicated to conserving our Natural Resources with the production of Best Management Practice (BMP) products used in erosion,
    sediment control and storm water management industries.

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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    At Western Fiber We deliver quality at a competitive price and on time delivery.

  • Western Fiber Company the leading manufacturer in the Western U.S.

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    By maintaining the highest level of industry standards, has continued to grow since their founding date in 2000.

Western Fiber products are produced in modern facilities to ensure a Quality Product. Facilities are continuously monitored and inspected to maintain a safe and efficient work environment.

Special Items

Here some ideas you can do with our wattles.

Wattle Gardens

Selected Projects

Main Phone: (661) 747-5581 / Sales: (310) 939-9254 / Email: info@westernfiber.com

Address: P.O.Box 22665, Bakersfield, CA 93390